Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions for the Office Squares site.


How does it work?

It's simple actually, you sign up, create a pool based on a future sporting event, email friends and colleagues, and off you go.
Nope, anyone who signs up, can create a pool. No special access or subscription is required.
We currently have a 10x10 (100 square) pool. There is a 5x5 (25 square) pool in the works. Typically, larger pools work best with lower per square costs and the smaller pools are better suited for 'High Rollers'.
Yes. There is an option when creating a pool to setup for a fundraiser.
No (at least, not right now). The creator of the pool would still need to collect from it's participants, but our platform does keep track of who has paid, and how much of the purse has been funded.
Yes, the Super Bowl will be listed when available. A squares pool can be created just like any other game.


Nope. Create as many pools as you would like.
Sure can. You can use it for any game in the March Madness Tournament including the Final Four and Championship game.
Pools can be setup for football (pro and college), basketball (pro womens and mens, and college). Other sports don't work very well with pools because the score doesn't change much.
Any participant in the pool can invite additional people.
As soon as all of the squares in a pool have been selected, the administrator will start the pool, this is when the numbers are generated.
A reverse score is when you have the last numbers in a scoring segment, but for the reverse team. For example, the score for the first quarter is Team A 10, Team B 14, the winning square would be 0 for Team A and 4 for Team B. If you had Team B 0 and Team A 4, you would win the reverse.
Yes, Office Squares now supports rewards for reverse scores.
Sure. You can use the Contact Form (requires login) to send in suggestions for an improvement or if you have an issue with the site.