Creating a Pool

  1. After logging into you account, click the 'Create Pool' button located at the top your list of pools on the dashboard.
  2. Select the event for which you want to base the pool. Events are orderd by the date they are scheduled to be played (soonest to latest). Events are seperated by Sport and League.
  3. Name your pool. This is optional but recommended to easily refer to the pool later. It is also used in any communication with the other participants.
  4. Include email addresses for invitations. This will send an invite to each email you provide. When an invitation is accepted, the person will be added as a participant to the pool.
  5. Set the per square cost. This is how much the participants will need to contribute for each square and ultimately sets the total purse for the pool.
  6. Click the Create the Pool button to finish. Once the pool has been created, email invitations sent, you will be redirected to your newly created pool.

Administering a Pool

Reward Segments

A reward segement is the portion of the sporting event that has a prize. Each event has it's own segments, for example, a football game is broken into quarters. At the end of the quarter, a prize is awarded depending on the score. Reward segments in Office Squares are configured by the administrator by applying a percentage of the total purse to the segment.

Note: Reward segments cannot be altered once a pool has been started.

  1. Select the four square icon at the top of the reward segments panel and choose 'Edit Segments'.
  2. Adjust each segments' percentage according to how you would like the rewards.
  3. Use the switches to turn off or turn on a reward segment.
  4. Cannot save configuration until all 'in use' segments total 100%.
  5. Click save to return to the pool details screen.

Granting Squares

There are two methods of granting squares, both are done in the participant details screen.

Grant Squares Manually

  1. Click the name in the participant list to view the details page.
  2. Adjust the total number of granted squares in the Participant Options panel
  3. Click Save

Grant Squares via Request

  1. When a particpant makes a request for squares, the administrator will receive an email, and a button will appear next to the name in the participants list.
  2. Click the link in the email, or click the 'Squares Requested' button from the list of participants.
  3. From the participant details screen, click the Approve or Reject buttons in the Participant Details panel.


Squares are selected by participants in a grid of 100. Each square has a score for the home team (horizontal) and the away team (vertical). At the end of each period of the event, the last digit of the home/away score will correspond with a square in the selection grid. This is what is used to determine the winner of each segment.

Requesting Squares

Squares are granted by the administrator. A request for squares can be made by participants from the pool details screen.

  1. Click the 'Request Squares' button either from your name in the participants list or from above the selection grid.
  2. Adjust the number of requested squares in the dialog.
  3. Click 'Send' to request the squares from the administrator.
  4. There will be an idicator on your line of the participants list until the request has been approved or rejected.

Selecting Squares Segments

Note: The home and away numbers are not revealed until the administrator has started the pool.

  1. Use the grid grid to select the squares.
  2. The number of squares remaining for your selection will be displayed in the participants list.